Friday, July 30, 2010

to-do list. my next HOMEWORK !

numpang nongol :)
yeah at the previous entry I have completed a homework from my boy. but this night I had a heavy fight with my boy. indeed it still my fold and we have been fighting more intense than this.
always our fight because of trivial problems that crept into other problems that resulted in a great battle between me and him. tired tired tired. since a week ago, I 've got new phobia from my myon. the word that out from his tongue. adieu (kata perpisahan). and since that I do more venture to be changed. be better. so now, I have new friend on my life. you can call it
to-do list myon-lyone
on this book I wil write all my boy's said. seems unneeded but I have a trouble with my memmories. so for all my lovely follower, pray me that this way will be swift
p.s this is my sweetesr inbox of the day from my boyfriend :

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