Friday, July 30, 2010

homework from the boy

aaarrrggh this is awful ! after I pending my homework from school, now I've got new homework from my boyfriend. simple question but hard to answered. made other love calls aside from bey or beh. but the reason that he said yesterday so tickle me. he affraid that I will remember my x-boyfriend abe (if you always following my blog, you must know this special one).
properly, I deliberated to call him bey or beh. cause bey-beh was my love calls with abe (but he dont know that fucking riddle lol). I know all was junk but I have no mind to call him others. until finally I was inavertent found new call for my sweet heart. myon (for him) and lyone (for me) and if we incoporate it wil form word myonlyone. how do you think ? haha

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