Friday, July 02, 2010

song of his loved. how I miss it

This is my story which have worn out
wish to string up to return to become more beautiful
making life become to mean
is not vacuous
without distress

see the fair star
like angel smile
she always in my heart
but now have losed

if time can be turned around
I will improve;repair it
come on experience together with spirit
vanishing memory hurt
in heart during the time.

my love is missing
my love is vacuous

listening my experience about respecting love
open your eye for the see of deeper
what she love me heartily?
I hesitate with happened now

I yours love
but I fear to make the disappointed you
what having to I do
I wish to make you happy
don't weep

this is big opportunity
but I fear damage it
what she love me?
I hope she love me

don't weep the baby
I am in yours heart
and forever

blood emit a stream of my head
when I start to go
going to endless world
leaving real love

forgive me baby
I walk off leave you
breaking a promise
which during the time I hold

I wish to tell something
before go leave you
I love you until die

I remain in your heart
although I have far a go.

first time I meet with you
I feel like flown
confess more than anything else tell
but special love is true
cannot lose from sham shadow

don't go my princess
you will come back for me
together we will be flown
going to blue sky

what we can meet again?
experiencing story this love
together we will never die
making our life is endless
I open my heart for you
I don’t will to alone.

I cannot live without you
I need you for my life
I can’t do anything
if you lose from my heart
baby, come back to me.

won't leave me alone
in the dark night

by : Albertus Hari Novianto

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