Saturday, July 03, 2010

12 reason quit from facebook

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Facebook users come and go. There are comfortable, there is a leave facebook forever. From the research, privacy and security advocates, it is known there are 12 reasons why users opt out of facebook. Here are their reasons.

1. Privacy living memories

So join on facebook, you could say your privacy is a distant memory. It seems diamini facebook founder, said that sharing information with many people is the prevailing social norm nowadays. Many people do not translate the statement as the importance of privacy for facebook.

2. Your interests are not considered

The most basic business model of facebook and other social sites like twitter, is to publish user information as widely as possible, and make new ways to make money.

With a base like that, can we rely on them to protect us? Not to mention there are many applications such as a quiz or a game that always ask for user data each time we want to join.

3. Design changes affect the privacy

When facebook re-design in December 2009 for example, make private information such as the original setup and fan photo page, became a public character and can be found in the search facility.

4. Increasingly targeted social engineering attacks

The more information you display on facebook, the less privacy. This means that cyber criminals will increasingly easy to get information about that person. Such information could be used to trick and trap baited them to click on the links full of pitfalls.

5. Many traps pop-up ads

One scenario that is often used is the trap under the pretext of pop-up ads. The ads are usually pretend to offer software to solve security problems on the computer. But the truth is not the software that we can, but even destructive program or filthy content. As usual scenario is called "Scareware", and proven effective to trick the user that is less alert.

6. Spam is rampant

Blackberry owners who access the facebook mobile application target for spam. spam they receive any amount increased from time to time.

7. Do not really know his own friends

Almost 40 per cent of new facebook profiles are fake. If you have hundreds of friends on facebook, chances are there are one or two false friends in it.

8. Growing threats lurk

facebook users who like to announce all of its activities, what, and where they are, not realizing that they actually made himself a target of crime. Imagine if a status reads "at home, all on the go", then the image displayed on the profile is a plain-faced beauties, which also includes the location and address details. It is not possible that one or two criminals out there, itching to get immediate action.

9. Change privacy settings

Often change the look and facebook privacy settings. Many analysts and speculation that facebook will discuss the possibility of selling public shares (IPO). What does all this mean for users? Wright said, many of which translate as a higher chance of loss of privacy. Not that facebook may not be looking for profits by offering the user information to our advertisers and application makers.

10. Prone to being followed and monitored

Social network allows one to follow or supervise others, such as ex-girlfriend. Cases like this happen a lot, and their application allows for it. Even parents who do not rarely to add to supervise their children's online activity of their children. facebook users of age 20 years admitted to get out of facebook when their parents ask a friend on facebook.

11. There is no time

Whether because of the increasingly busy because of the restrictions was rising or accessing social networking sites from work, make a facebook account becomes dormant. Often than not been updated or not can monitor incoming messages, so many choose to cover only his facebook account as well.

12. Bored!

Whether it was originally just a me-too, or did you feel, then using facebook is no challenge or not there are things that could be interesting / new. So, say goodbye to facebook!

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