Monday, July 05, 2010

smoking. tren or needs ?

mostly found among teenagers today aren't separated from the cigarette especially man. until now I have become convinced that nicotine is a second life for the user. maybe for a few years ago teens who smoke valued as a "bad man" and so forth. but what about now? almost in every corner of the teens found that cigarette sellers are ready to offer various kinds of cigarettes with different pleasures. but still in my mind questioning so far. "why smoking can be associated with life?" in this question doesn't mean that smoking can be harmful to the body or the like, but smoke is an oxygen (the phrase I often hear from my male friends) use of cigarettes in the long term, can lead to prolonged opiate. very difficult to remove it from the "addict". this level is lower than "nyabu" or "sakau" but actually smoked have the same impact. reduce the life.

this addiction was also happening with my boyfriend, Rendy. ever since we made a relations, I feel have the right to prohibit smoking. but if you know the response from him and his friends? mentor to me instead of him doesn't prohibit smoking. one of my girl friend say "can't possibly remove the cigarette from the man, it has become their second lives. if you forbid them not to smoke, they will be upset and angry" really very surprising answers. there is also a saying "every time we blow it feels like blowing off one of our problems .."

how can we say such a thing? if we thinking deeper, smoking the same as running away from a problem. a problem is ought to be resolved, not to run away from it all.balthough I got a rejection from a boyfriend because the smoking ban, I am still trying to remove it, may slightly reduce the addiction to not smoking in front of me. because besides I hate seeing my boyfriend smokes every second, I'm also not comfortable with the smoke that makes me as a passive smoker. effects of passive smoking is bigger, isn't it ? I better smoke than the smoke inhaled only. hehe

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